Dog Grooming Dryer Repair and Maintenance


Basic daily maintenance of your dog grooming dryer or blaster is very important to extend the life of one of your main pieces of equipment. We recommend that this should be carried out at the end of every day and dryer filters should be kept clean at all times.

Air Filters

It is extremely important that basic daily maintenance is maintained on dog dryers and blasters to keep them working to the best of their ability. It is best to vacuum the filters and wash them thoroughly after vacuuming, then leaving to fully dry before using. If the filters become completely blocked from the build up of hair, it increases the risk of the motor failing. This also reduces the amount of air flow and will reduce the overall efficiency of the dryer. Pro Grooming advise that you never use your dryer without an air filter, this may increase air flow to your dryer, but it will not help your dryer in the long-run as your dryer takes in more debris directly in to the motor and causes more harm than good. Pedigroom Dryers have the detachable Air Inlet, the cover to the mesh filter can be opened by rotation, the mesh filter is easy removable and very easy to clean regularly.

Carbon Brushes

Many universal motor malfunctions are usually caused by the wearing down of the carbon brushes. If a dryer begins to slow down and then start to speed back up, it is best to stop your dryer immediately and have your dryer fully serviced before re-using it. This could be a sign that the brushes are worn inside the motor of your dryer. Continued use of the dryer could damage the motor and therefore lead to further expensive repairs. Pro Grooming recommend the carbon brushes are replaced every 600-700 working hours, our Pedigroom dryers each have a recommendation in the user manual as to how often the brushes should be replaced inside the dryer. If the dryer is used excessively and beyond the limits of the motor, you may notice a burning smell, the brushes may start to spark, which in turn may cause lasting damage to your dryer. Each motor in Pedigroom dryers have a pair of carbon brushes and these carbon brushes are sold in pairs. Most Pedigroom dryers have one motor, however some more powerful blasters have two motors, these will therefore require two pairs of carbon brushes. To purchase a pair of carbon brushes for your Pedigroom dryer click here.

Grooming Repairs Service

If you use a grooming repairs service, they carefully and thoroughly check the filters and brushes and replace anything that maybe needed. The repairs engineer completely strips down the dryer, cleans and removes any dirt, carbon and fur/hair particles. Your dog grooming dryer or blaster is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in your grooming salon, therefore it is essential to always have a backup dryer in case of emergencies. This also helps you when you send your dryer off for regular servicing, this in turn means smooth running of your business every day.