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Guide to bathing your dog.

Bathing is an important part of the grooming process, not only to get rid of unwanted odors but also to avoid skin and health issues for example bacterial or fungal problems.


Guide To Training A Dog To Enjoy A Bath


One of the most important factors in any aspect of dog grooming is making sure the dog is as comfortable as possible throughout the whole grooming process and they are not put under any unnecessary stress. Teach the dog to be comfortable while bathing by stroking them as much

Choosing The Correct Dog Shampoo


You might share your couch, backyard, and living space with your dog, but there’s one thing you should never share with your canine companion — your shampoo. While human-grade shampoo might keep your own locks soft and lush, most


Bathing Your Dog FAQs


How Often Should A Dog Be Bathed? The are many factors that come into play when deciding how often a dog should be bathed, for example odour, amount dirt on the dog’s coat as well as any skin conditions the dog may have. Working dogs are likely to need more bathing that pet dogs who spend most of their

Dog Shampoo FAQs


What Can Cause Skin Irritation In Dogs? When your dog is showing signs of skin irritation, there are factors other than a product’s ingredients (such as shampoo) that you’ll want to take into consideration when trying to assess the skin


Best Dog Shampoo 2019 Buyers Guide


Since dogs are such a diverse species with over 400 recognized breeds in the world, plus designer breeds and crosses, there is a lot of variation in coat types. You can find dogs


All You Need To Know About Dog Shampoo


There are many different types of pet shampoos and conditioners available today. And it can be very confusing trying to pick ones that will be just right for your dog so here are some helpful tips. Always use pet products that are specially formulated for the pH of your dog’s