How To Choose A Good Dog Dryer


There are so many dog grooming dryers and blasters on the market these days, it’s extremely important to ensure you choose the appropriate dryer or blaster that will be best suited for your daily workload. Many groomers will be using grooming dryers for several hours of the day, like yourself, so you need a professional, high quality dryer that has good durability and stands the test of time.

Strong Wind Speed

Professional dog dryers and blasters are designed to safely and effectively remove water and moisture from the dogs coat. Dogs often have thick, multi layered coats, therefore they need extra power and air force to penetrate the thick fur. Human hair dryers do get very hot, this is not needed for dog grooming dryers as it is unsafe to apply a high heat directly on to a dog as it may cause severe discomfort and overheating. Professional dog grooming dryers don’t actually dry the fur using heat from the dryer, instead the air pressure from the dryer removes the moisture from the fur by force. The strong air flow from the dryer doesn’t harm the dog, the strong air flow works through the thick layers of fur and dries right down to the skin, without any harm or overheating.

Strong wind speed settings on dryers and blasters works very well for busy groomers, this helps dry the dogs much quicker, in up to half the time of standard dryers. The Key to good wind speeds is the quality of the motor. Dryers with Strong Wind Speed Settings usually have a motor with low energy consumption and its own external insulation layer. This will mean the dryer performs safer and is more stable than others. When choosing a new dog dryer or blaster the wind speed should be advertised in metres per second (m/s), this can range from as low as 18 m/s up to the twin dryers at around 78 m/s. Many of the Pedigroom dryers have a variable wind speed settings to ensure this can be changed to suit the individual dog you are grooming. All motors used for Pedigroom dryers and blasters have an external insulation layer, CE certification and low energy consumption. To view the range of Pedigroom dryers and blasters click here.

Low Noise

The dryers that offer the lower wind speed settings are usually your finishing dryers or cage dryers, these dryers are more suited to the more nervous dogs that do not like the noise the more powerful blasters give. Professional dog dryers and blasters use 3D balancing technology to reduce the vibration noise through a special outer housing cover of the dryer and the exceptional balancing technique. When purchasing a new dog dryer or blaster the noise level should be advertised in decibels, this can range from 40 d/b to over 100 d/b. The lower power dryers with less wind speed are likely to be more noisy, the key to a good dog grooming dryer or blaster is choosing one with a good wind speed without the noise level increasing dramatically. All Pedigroom dryers and blaster use this 3D balancing technology as standard.


It is important to make sure the dryers or blaster you are considering purchasing comes with the CE Certification. The CE mark on a product indicates that the manufacturer or importer of the product affirms its compliance with the relevant EU legislation and the product may be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA). The EU requirements may include safety, health and environmental protection. All Pedigroom dryers and blasters come with the CE certification.

Many groomers have their own personal preferences and technique on what works for them, having gained valuable experience. This general starter advice is here as a guide to anybody starting the dog grooming business.

Easy Maintenance

Basic daily maintenance of the dryers is very important to keep the dryers working like new. We recommend that this should be carried out at the end of every day and dryer filters should be kept clean at all times. Check our full guide to maintaining your dryer or blaster.