How To Choose The Best Dog Grooming Bath


When running a professional dog grooming parlor, one of the largest (and valuable) pieces of equipment you’ll need to choose in a dog bath. In this article we explore the different types of dog grooming baths available so you have the knowledge to decide which one is best for you.


Dog grooming baths are usually manufactured from either stainless steel, or polypropylene plastic. In terms of cost, stainless steel baths tend to be more expensive than plastic ones, and they do feel more substantial, heavier pieces of kit. They also look professional and they last for a long time and are easy to clean. Dog baths made from plastic, although they cost less, will still last for a long time and are easy to clean. They are lighter in weight than stainless steel baths so may not seem as stable for larger dogs than the stainless steel ones, however, they come in different sizes and plastic dog baths have the advantage of being able to be moulded into perfect shapes for dogs to be safely cleaned in. Because plastic can be moulded into any shape, some plastic dog baths have bottle holders moulded into the sides to enable dog groomers to keep shampoos, conditioners etc to hand.

How will your dog get into the bath?

This is obviously an important question. Some dog baths come with ramps that allow dogs to walk up to the bath themselves. Others are height adjustable via a hand or foot controller so as to make the bath higher or lower according to the size of the dog for them to walk in. Some dog baths however, you would have to lift the dog manually to get them in and out of the bath, this maybe an easy option for smaller dogs, but not so convenient for larger, heavier breeds. Some dog baths also include an internal platform which can be used to bath smaller breeds, preventing back strain. You should also consider that if you want an electric dog bath whether you’d like a hand or foot controller to adjust the height.

Static and mobile dog baths

Choosing a static or mobile dog bath obviously depends on whether or not you need your dog bath to stay in the same position. Obviously dog baths whereby showers are attached will need to be plumbed in and therefore will be static, however if you need to move your dog bath around a grooming salon or do mobile dog grooming whereby you travel around to different places, then a portable dog bath would be useful. These are often lighter in weight and smaller in size.


Some dog baths have built in showers included to conveniently be able to be plumbed in to your water system to make for a permanent dog grooming station. This saves carrying water from other sinks and means that you can adjust the power and the temperature of the water whilst washing your dogs. It also makes for easy cleaning of the dog bath as well.

H-Bars and nooses

When cleaning dogs it’s important to make sure that they are safe and cannot jump or fall, causing injuries. To ensure dogs are safe, many dog baths come with a type of h-bar or noose to prevent injuries. The type of safety device often depends on the size of the dog bath, obviously larger baths require larger h-bars. Some dog baths don’t come with anything to secure your dogs, therefore this would be an additional purchase you would have to make.

Splash backs

Many dog baths have splash backs attached to them to secure any mucky water splashes, suds and mess. This is particularly common for stainless steel dog baths. The main disadvantage of a splash back would be that you wouldn’t have 360 degree access whilst cleaning your dog as you would be restricted with the back panel. It would also be ideally situated next to a back wall or corner as the splash panels could make the baths feel bulkier.

Bath Tray

Some dog baths are fitted with bath trays made up of a grid which allows water from the shower hose to fall through, meaning that dogs are kept out of the water. This prevents dogs from slipping, particularly helpful for anxious dogs or dogs who simply may not like being in water. There are plenty of dog grooming baths, static, electric and manual, available at Pro Grooming containing different features, as well as all your other dog grooming essentials and accessories.