How To Choose The Best Dog Grooming Clippers


Professional Dog Groomers essential piece of equipment are their clippers. As you build up your client base you will be using your clippers several times a day, therefore it is the most important choice you will make to ensure you purchase the right clippers that work best for yourself and your business. Choosing a dog grooming clipper from a professional brand who offer a minimum of one year warranty gives you reassurance. One quick search online of dog grooming clippers and a large selection appears with clipper features, benefits and price ranges of the available products. The simple truth is that there is not one best clipper for every groomer. Every groomer has different work habits, a different client base, and a different level of experience. A clipper that works well for one groomer might not be a great fit for another.


Initially, you may have a specific budget and may need to familiarize yourself with the price ranges for different kinds of clippers available. We recommend lower-priced clippers for beginners and premium offerings for established groomers. You can always start with an economy model and move up to a premium model if you find yourself grooming more frequently. Professional groomers often have a backup pair just in case their main pair of clippers needs to go off for service or repair.

Cordless Clippers

If you and your dog travel frequently, or if you are a mobile groomer, you may decide on the battery powered clippers. We do recommend clippers that will work continuously for around 90 minutes runtime. Of course, with cordless clippers the battery life is important, although we do suggest you ensure the clippers are supplied with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Some cheaper models are supplied with the replaceable alkaline batteries. A good quality and powerful battery performs better and helps cut the more thicker, dense coats. The cordless clipper may be heavier than the corded clipper with having to carry its own battery, although you do have the benefit of not having to worry about the corded lead, making the groom easier and free of movement.

Corded Clippers

If you have more of a fixed grooming salon and are not overly keen on the idea of ensuring the batteries are fully charged on your clippers, the corded clippers may be a better choice for you. However cords may result in tangling and may make it harder for you when working with the more boisterous dogs.


The ergonomics of the clippers you choose is ultimately important for both yourself and the dog. The clippers have to be comfortable enough for you to use for a long length of time. The weight and the grip must feel right for you to ensure you do not develop fatigue in your hand, wrist or even your elbow. Groomers are particularly susceptible to injuries caused by repetitive motion.

Motor, Speed and Noise Level

While rotary motors are great for dog grooming, the balance between power, speed size and weight makes them extremely versatile and perfect for heavy duty cutting. The brushless motor creates less friction and in turn makes it more powerful, efficient and reliable. The brushless technology provides low maintenance compared to other traditional clippers. For clippers to cut matted or thicker dense coats, a faster clipper that is high in power will be needed. Having a clipper with variable speed settings may help you with being able to adjust the settings to suit the different versatility of dogs you are cutting. The variable speed is typically a premium feature for dog grooming clippers therefore will be more expensive. When choosing the right clippers, the rates of stroke per minute will help you check the speed setting is right for your requirements. Some dogs are also nervous and easily frightened when having a visit to the groomers. This is particularly true for puppies or rescue animals that are not used to regular grooming. To help reduce the dogs stress, you may well want to opt for a quieter set of clippers. Afterall dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, therefore some dogs may have trouble relaxing with noisy clippers. A brushless motor will ensure the clipper runs cooler and quieter and usually have more power and torque.


Accessories such as plastic guards/combs are essential for longhaired dogs. The same goes for clipper blades, which are not always “one-size-fits-all”. Accessories are almost non-negotiable for professional groomers, who may encounter dog breeds of all kinds. Plastic combs are the most common blade attachment. These tools are designed to prevent you from cutting too much hair in a particular area. We highly recommend that beginners make use of as many combs as possible to assist with styling and minimizing accidental patches. A professional groomer will have to be well-equipped with a selection of blade sizes as the doggy clients have a variety of different coat types and textures. The higher the blade number on your grooming clipper, the shorter the cut will be. Therefore a blade #10 will be a shorter cut than a blade #5. Manufacturers of the blades usually indicate the length the blade will produce within the instructions. Other accessories include scissors, blade lubricants, brushes, and anti-bacterial/viral sprays.