The Basics Of Dog Grooming


We’ve all attempted to cut our own hair, particularly over the pandemic, but have you tried to groom your dog and it’s ended in chaos? We’ve got you covered. You don’t necessarily have to have the best dog grooming table, but it certainly helps to have the right equipment for the job, and they don’t always have to be extremely expensive!

Here is what you need for a good start: Dog Clippers, A Comb, Brush, Dog Shampoo and Conditioner, Otic Solution, Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Dog Toenail Clippers, If possible – A Dog Grooming Table. You need to begin by giving your dog a good brush with a quality dog grooming brush. Get out any tangles and deep knots but be careful not to hurt your dog in the process. This is where having a proper dog grooming table would come in handy but if you don’t your tabletop will suffice. If your dog needs clipping, now is the time to do it. Before you give your dog a bath, remove all the longer, thicker hair with the dog clippers.

Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your dog after a good clipping removes all the unwanted extra hair that will make the grooming process more difficult, not to mention leaving your pampered pooch smelling wonderful! You can dry your dog with towels, a dog hair dryer or even a hair dryer for humans so long as the heat setting is turned right down. If you have the right dog grooming table, you should be able to do this at ease. Once your pup is nice and dry you can begin to clean the ears with Otic solution ensuring they’re nice and dry afterwards. If your dog has any tear stains around their eyes you can remove these carefully.

Clipping Your Dog

Only clip your dog’s toenails if you feel confident enough to do it. You can always take them to be professionally cut if you feel more comfortable in their abilities than your own. You can successfully do this at home if you have the right equipment and your dog is able to be still enough for you to do this without getting too close to their skin. A job you may find easier is brushing their gnashers!

Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth

Apply the dog toothpaste to the toothbrush and get brushing, this will leave your canines breath smelling much fresher and ideally getting some of those nasty bacteria out. Assess whether you think your pooch needs a final clipping once they’re dried and you can see what hair needs a final trim. Once you’ve clipped, washed, dried, brushed their teeth and cleaned their ears and eyes you should give your pup one final brush to bring out their shiny coat.

Our Top Tips

Teeth Brushing - Allow your dog to lick the toothpaste off the toothbrush first - Roll back your dog’s lip and gently work the toothbrush around the gums, teeth and lips for a few seconds - Reward your dog for any time they allow you to brush their teeth for, even if its just a split second Ear Cleaning - Expose the ear by holding your dog’s head - Apply the solution - Gently wipe away any excess solution Nail Clipping - Make sure the foot is still - Trim slowly and gradually, begin by only removing bits at a time