Types of Dog Grooming Dryers and Blasters


A good dryer and blaster is essential for any professional dog groomer. Here's a run-down of each model, what they are used for, and help comparing the best match for your needs.


High velocity dryers are used by manually holding the hose, while the motor stays put on the surface. You are then in control of manually drying the dog, directing the hose , and controlling where the air flow goes safely keeping away from sensitive areas like the eyes and ears. These dryers have a very powerful air flow speed.

Handheld Dryers

Handheld dryers are used very similar to human hair dryers, they are lightweight and easy to operate. They are great for smaller dogs, for occasional use or for groomers with less storage availability, or as a backup dryer in case your main dryer lets you down or goes off for servicing. The handheld dryers are also perfect for fluff drying to add volume.

Stand / Finishing Dryers

Stand dryers or mounted dryers are popular for professional groomers as they are set up to be above the dog or facing the dog, using the rigid hose to enable you to be hands free while the dog is getting a steady flow of air, perfect for busy groomers as they are hands free throughout the drying process, allowing the groomer to brush or clip the dog at the same time. Many stand dryers do also come with the flexible hose option for manual drying. These dryers are like giving you another pair of hands while grooming and essential for any groomer. 

Combination/Twin Blaster Dryers

Combination Dryer blasters are two machines in one and a popular choice for start-up groomers and busy salons. Combi Dryers give you both the heat of a finishing dryer and the option of power for blasting.

Cage dryers

Cage dryers are mainly used by busy grooming salons as the dog can be dried within the cage. The hose attaches to one side of the cage, a towel is usually placed on the floor of the cage to cage any residue, while the dryer gently dries the dog, you can be free to utilize your time working on another dog. Timers on the dryers can usually be set for up to 60 minutes. Ultimately the dogs safety is of upmost important therefore we would recommend a 10-15 minutes setting to check the dog, while also moving the dryer to other sides of the cage to ensure the dog is drying fully and evenly.

Brushless Motor Dryers

Most dog grooming dryers do have carbon brush motors, that do require regular servicing and the brushes replaced regularly dependent upon usage, costing you time and money. Brushless motor dryers are the most advanced dryer on the market. It is essential for the busy grooming salon that needs a quick styling finish while also providing professional and show quality results. The brushless motor dryers are usually on a stand with a rigid arm/tube, making the dryer hands free and user friendly. The Brushless Motor Dryers have a variable wind speed setting as well as a variable heat control, combined with anti-frizz to give the smooth shiny coat for all your dogs.

Wall Mounted Dryers

Wall mounted dryers are perfect for smaller compact areas, they are space saving and keep your work surface area clutter free.


Many of the dryers come with 2 or 3 different nozzle attachments to attach to the flexible hose of your dryer.


The Flat (also known as a spade) nozzle is for ironing out the curly coats and general drying, ready for clipping the coat. The flat nozzle is known within pet grooming, as eithe a water stripper or a standard dryer nozzle. The main purpose of this nozzle is to force out as much water from the coat as possible, also perfect for straightening the coat, which in turn saves the finishing time. The air from the Flat nozzle comes out in a straight line unlike the cone nozzle, therefore matting of the coat is minimal.


The flat-wide (known as the wide spade) nozzle if perfect for longer coats as the cone nozzle, spins the longer hair up in to knots. The flat wide is also good to use on the lay flat coats like the Shih Tzu. Groomers usually turn down the wind speed when using this nozzles for finishing after all the excess water has blown off the coat. With the softer pressure, the flat wide nozzle, dry’s the coat so it lays flat, this takes a little more time using this nozzle, but you do get the finish you require.


The round (otherwise known as a cone) nozzle is used for forcing open the dogs coat making it perfect for compacted double coats or tightly curled coats. The round nozzle also works very well for dematting a coat and getting out the undercoat (also known as deshedding) The air is released through the round nozzle in a vortex motion, like a tornado so it can twist longer coats, causing knows, if you notice this happening, it may be best swapping over to the flat nozzle.